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Microblading is a one-of-a-kind, semi-permanent treatment for eyebrows that gives them truly dynamic appeal. Using feathering, embroidering, and hair stroke techniques, our expert microblading artists transform the look of your brows into something you’ll absolutely love.


Whether you’re looking to do your upper eyeliner, lower eyeliner, or both, we have the eyeliner makeup solution for you! We can thicken or thin your eyeliner - depending on your preference - and give you the ultimate eyeliner enhancements you’ve been searching for.

Cosmetic Tattoo 
Lip Shading

Permanent lip makeup allows you to get the professional-grade shading you need to enhance, and keep, the lip color you’ve always dreamed of. No more expensive lipsticks that are easily lost - cosmetic tattoo lip shading is the final, fashionable solution you need.

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Powder brows are the latest advancement in cosmetic tattoo makeup. With this procedure, you can have the beautiful, full, soft powder brows you have always wanted without the hassle of heading to the salon.

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